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ZipFile News

News on FileTitle
February 06th, 2019

Updating rewards rules
December 05th, 2018

ADD - We pay for all files starting from 0 MB. ( Instead of 1 MB )

Payment to BTC
October 31th, 2018

From now on you can request a withdrawal to the BTC
This includes all users PPS, PPD and MIX

Webmasters get 20%
August 01th, 2018

We have good news today for webmasters.
Now you will get 20% of the profits whether it is from downloads or sales.
It's not important that these files belong to you, just enough that they are accessed through your site.

However, if these files belong to you, that means you get 20% extra profit.

Just need to add your site in your account and confirm ownership.

We accept all types of sites except:
* Shortcut links sites.

Increase free storage
June 06th, 2018

We've decided to increase free storage for users from 500GB to 1TB.